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ATTENTION! – IMPORTANT Order Directions Below!

Be sure to read all of the important information below. It contains critical information about your order. You will also receive an email containing any product download links and information.

WARNING! – Coupon Codes Expire Quickly!

You will need to take full advantage of each coupon code within 24 hours after you receive the coupon code. Your coupon code(s) will expire after 24 hours. If your coupon code(s) expires, you will need to purchase another coupon code(s). We create new coupon codes and expire the old coupon codes to keep people from abusing the system.

IMPORTANT! – Change For Us, LLC Credit Card Charge

Your credit card statement will indicate a charge from Change For Us LLC or ChangeLLC for your coupon code order. Please be sure to make note and remember that Change For Us business name when checking your credit card statement. is owned by Change For Us, LLC.


You will receive an email shortly containing your download link(s). If you chose more than one coupon code, each coupon code download link comes in a separate zipped file folder and each folder contains a separate coupon code, instructions and link for the different product(s)/program(s) you chose.

Be sure to check your spam folder for all emails from

Be sure to click on each of those download links in that email in order to download and save the zipped files to your computer. Each file contains a zipped folder that you will need to unzip in order to open and view the PDF document containing the product purchase directions, URL link and coupon code for the individual product/program you purchased.

NOTE: All files from Masmoola are safe to download, unzip and open.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes your computer will automatically download your files into the “Downloads” folder after you click on the download button. You can usually find that “Downloads” folder in your “My Documents” folder by clicking on “My Computer.”

If your computer did not automatically download the coupon code folder, you should create a new folder on your computer to save this coupon code file where you will easily find the file at any time. HINT: Create a folder on your computer titled “MASMOOLA COUPON CODES” and save each file in that folder for easy access.

Unzip Your Zipped File(s)

Once your zipped folder is downloaded into your “MASMOOLA COUPON CODES” folder, you will right click on the zipped file and click on the “Extract Here” link in the drop down. This will unzip all of the contents of your zipped folder. Then, open that unzipped folder to see the PDF file containing the coupon code directions. Double click on the PDF file to open and follow the directions on how to use your coupon code.


Thank you once again for helping make a Masmoola Kidpreneur’s day. The kid you helped has already received an email notice of their commission earned. Imagine how excited that kid will be when they read that email.

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When introducing Masmoola Coupon Codes to your friends and family to help the kidpreneur who introduced you, be sure to offer the same URL webpage link that the kidpreneur offered you so that kid can benefit by earning extra commissions. If a kidpreneur sent you an email with their Masmoola Coupon Codes URL tracking link, you can forward that same email to your friends and family.

Be sure to tell your family and friends about the win-win benefits of this program.