trademark and copyright money saving tipOver the last 15 years, I’ve had several ideas that I thought should be protected by copyright laws. But, I reacted too hastily and I copyrighted the material right away, when I didn’t really need to. Although, I did save money by doing the copyrighting myself, instead of hiring an attorney.

My advice is don’t react as hastily as I did when you come up with a new idea. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by waiting to see if your idea is going to fly, and if there is a market for your written material. It’s easy to get emotionally attached to a great idea, but slow down.

I could have saved a lot of money and not had the copyrighting done at all back then had I been practicing the financial principles I live by now.

Copyrighting material yourself and saving the money is easier than you think, and if you make a mistake on the application, you will get the application back from the copyright and trademark reviewers with notes telling you what corrections need to be made.

300 wide 3652sx shortThe same money saving process also works with preparing trademark applications.

If you are capable of writing material worth copyrighting, you are certainly capable of handling simple copyrighting procedures yourself and saving money on attorney fees. The process is a bit challenging and also educational, and when you face your challenges with a “can do” attitude, you will save more money.

Always keep in mind, don’t be too eager to copyright material until the timing is just right.

Before you go through the trademark application process, be sure to go through all of the detailed directions and have everything ready to go ahead of time.

You only get one hour to fill out that trademark form and some of the areas can be tricky if you don’t have all of your information and images ready to go before you start the application process.

I just did another trademark application the other day and I had everything ready, but still ran into a couple of small issues that took a few extra minutes to fix.

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