This is another email scam you should delete if you receive.

The following is the text you will find in the subject line: STOP CONTACTING THE WRONG OFFICE FOR YOUR FUND

This scam return email will be: MR.EDWARD MARK []

Below is the entire body of the scam to compare with the one you received

Body Of Email Scam

#196 Oxford Street Marylebone,
London United Kingdom


Attention; Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that the BILL GATE FOUNDATION in collaboration with INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) has awarded you cash payment in line with IMF economic compensations program.

I am Mrs. David White, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in charge of payment approval for your zone. It may interest you to know that your e-mail address was appeared in our payment schedule list of beneficiaries that will receive their Stimulus funds in this Middle term payment of the year. This payment of the sum of US$1.8 Million (One Million Eight Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) awarded as compensation to all those loyal citizens who have lost investment in shares failure and other financial loses as a result of financial malpractices.

Now your new Payment, IMF Approval number No; IMF5685P, Reference No.-35460021, Allocation No: 674632 Password No: 339331, (IMF) Telex confirmation No: -1114433; Secret Code No: XXTN013.

Having received these vital payment numbers, therefore you are qualified now to receive a Direct cash payment from IMF accredited bank in this Region within the next 168hrs. We assure you that your cashier’s ATM MASTER CARD shall be sent to you direct as long as you follow my directives and instructions. We have decided to give you a CODE, THE CODE IS: 601. For verification of claims and to avoid double claims.

Note that the delivery charges of your cashier’s ATM MASTER CARD has already being paid, Apart from the Security Keeping Fee and insurance clearance, which is to be paid due to your delay in contacting this office for claim of your cashier’s ATM MASTER Winning Fund.

The Security Keeping Fee, together with the Insurance clearance Fee total amount is US$350.00 and this is the only charges you are Authorized to Pay as there is no Hiden charges require for any reason, to have your cashier’s ATM MASTER CARD completely insured and delivered to your residential address for daily withdrawal. All you need to do is to contact our Payment Security Department here in the United State for details and guidelines on how to submit your Fees so as to facilitate the immediate release of your ATM MASTER CARD for immediate delivery to you.

You are hereby advised to contact the Director of payment operation with IMF accredited bank official. Send your reply (Mr. EDWARD MARK) with e-mail ( )for the immediate processing of your fund delivery. Remember to quote your (CODE 601) for identification of beneficiary and when contacting him, please send your delivery information below.

1) Your Full Name ………………
(2) Full Residential Address………….(P.O.BOX NOT ALLOWED)
(3) Direct and Current Phone ………..
(4) Nationality ……………………..
(5) Present Country …………….

Direct Hot-line: Call: (805) 317-6478

Mrs. David White (I.M.F).

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