I saved my wife’s friend a total of $1,400 on a new vehicle purchase. She saved $800 on her trade-in and $600 on the purchase, which equals a total savings of $1,400. I also pocketed $800 from this deal in a matter of hours and you can do the same. Read how below!

My wife’s friend said she was shopping for a car, and knowing that I used to sell cars, she asked if I could help her. She said she shopped around on the Internet and found what she thought was the best price. I admit; she did find an incredibly low price and one that many people would have settled for. Fortunately, I was able to use my experience to show her how to work back and forth between dealerships for an even better price than what she found on the Internet.

After getting the price down another $600 through a few hours of negotiating between dealerships, we finally figured out that we hit the rock bottom price. It wasn’t until that point that we settled the deal with one of the dealerships.

Below is the video where I explain about the entire process.

Now let’s talk about her trade in vehicle and how my wife’s friend made an extra $800 and how I pocketed $800. The dealership she bought her new car from offered $1,200 for her used car trade in. I offered to purchase the car from her for $2,000, under the conditions that I could turn around and sell the car and keep any amount over the $2,000. She said that sounded like a great deal because she was still making $800 more than she originally thought! I later sold her car for $2,800 in one day. I gave her $2,000 and pocketed $800 for only a few hours work.

When you learn negotiation secrets on 3652sx.com, you can save a truckload of money on just about any product or service.

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