300 wide 3652sx shortI cut my personal bar soap cost in half for the next two years. Saving on something small like this can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings over the long haul and thousands if you invest your savings.

We were in the grocery store and noticed they had my favorite bar soap on a closeout sale. It was about half off the normal price so I bought all of the 36 bars they had left. I figured buying in bulk generates more savings over the long haul and I would use the soap anyway.

ivory soapIf I had been struggling financially and in debt living from paycheck to paycheck, I would have lost the savings on the soap and other bulk items we purchase because I would not have been able to buy all the soap they had on sale.

Since saving money is deeply instilled in our financial programming, my wife and I always keep our eyes open for bargains, especially on small items like soap. I figure I saved about $15 over the next couple years by purchasing that soap, but hey, a penny saved is a penny earned and that $15 is money that I know I won’t have to work for on my regular job.

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