300 wide 3652sx shortI’m going to offer you the solution to your debt problems, but I need to first get some truthful facts out on the table here before I offer that debt solution you will find at the end of this blog post. Of course you could skip right to the end, but you would miss out on important information that leads you to that debt solution.

Have you been clipping coupons for a while now and still can’t seem to get ahead financially?

Have you read a book or two about saving money, but your debt still hasn’t moved anywhere but in the wrong direction?

Have you been steadily working along making money and trying your best to get out of debt and mentally surrendered to a life of being in debt?

Have you thought to yourself, it’s never going to get any better with prices continuously increasing?

Do you blame outside sources for your being in debt, like your spouse, the government, the laws, the President, gas prices, your wages, etc.?

What I’m about to offer you here is going to be so foreign to you, it will be like I’m on the other side of a glass window screaming to the top of my lungs offering you the perfect, proven way to get out of debt and stay out of debt for the rest of your life, and how to stack up a savings account that anyone would be envious of, but you won’t be able to hear a word I say.

So, why do I put it like that? Let me explain … I’ve been down the road before and I also see most people reacting the same way no matter how I offer the perfect solution. It’s a solution that allowed my wife and I to travel and experience a life in places just like in this image below that my wife took in Sedona, AZ on a trip we just went on recently.

enjoy this life without debt

I know what it takes to get out of debt and how to stack up savings, and since I’ve been on both sides of the tracks and know exactly what it takes to get to the other side, the only way I know how to give you the news is to be honest and up front with you, as blunt as it comes out. The truth is the truth no matter how you spell it out, and the truth can be a tough pill to swallow, unless you’re completely ready to hear the truth, which I have found most people are not ready to hear or learn.

Really, I actually do want you to read this entire post, so you will at least have the information and know exactly what it will take to get out of debt and stay out of debt when you are finally ready to do what it takes. But in a way, I want you to also understand the process it takes for almost everyone to get out of debt, and it might sound like I am coming across in a negative way, but the only way I can get the truth out is to be brutally honest about how I know the process works. The truth can be negative. But, it’s the truth you should be aware of.

The Negative Truth

Here is the truth about what will probably happen based on knowing myself and most other people who have been down the same road of financial recovery … if you read this entire blog post, you will probably ignore the information and you will continue to live your life struggling from paycheck to paycheck. That’s just the truth.

Okay, let me try to explain a little differently … based on my experience, I know that you more than likely really don’t want to know about the only debt solution that will work to get you ahead financially. How do I know that? This might sound a little condescending, but I know a little something about you that you don’t know, and you would need to go through the doors that I went through in order to learn and experience what I’m trying to explain, because there really is no way to explain the process where anyone could understand it through just words. You have to go through the process and experience it yourself, and since I’ve witnessed hundreds of people who have been faced with the same information, including myself, and never do anything about it, I just know the odds are that you won’t be any different than 99.9 percent of those other people.

Even though I know God wants me to get this information out, I know that you will not do anything about your debt until you finally hit one incredibly super-low bottom.

It will take a choking point before you even remotely consider accepting the information about what it takes to really get out of debt, and even then, you more than likely won’t take action. Sorry to be so negative, but it’s the truth that you should be aware of.

I was in your shoes once years ago … in deep debt, struggling from paycheck to paycheck and just thinking it will never get any better. You could have hit me over the head with a baseball bat a thousand times with the truth of how I could get out of debt and stay out of debt, but I would have just ignored you to no end.

Even if you could have gotten the truth through to my thick head and big ego, it still would have taken a hot cattle prod sticking me every day for six months in order to make the necessary changes it takes to get out of debt.

Basically, accepting the truth is one extremely difficult thing to do, and then taking action after accepting the truth is even more difficult.

It takes change to get out of debt, and people are not willing to change anything until they have hit that incredibly low bottom of just being fed up, ticked off to no end, frustrated, angry, sick and tired enough to make the necessary changes. If you have not reached that boiling point yet, this information will fall on deaf eyes and you will not be ready to try what I’ve proven works and what social psychologists are just recently starting to discover needs to take place for people to get out of debt.

I really am sorry to give you the bad news, but even though you can live a wonderful life building up a savings account beyond your wildest dreams, you will never even come close to living that wonderful life until you have finally hit one incredibly low bottom, and are willing to do anything, and I mean anything, in order to stop the insanity of struggling from paycheck to paycheck.

People just don’t change anything in their life until they’ve finally, finally had enough of the stink of sitting in the pile of manure debt. I mean, the smell has to be so bad that it burns your nostrils.

Two Important Steps To Getting Out Of Debt

Unfortunately, your financial life will never get any better unless you are willing to do two things that most people are not willing to do. So, if you are not willing to go through these two steps, you might as well get your mind made up on accepting a life of struggling from paycheck to paycheck.

Step One

Whether you want to believe it or not, you have to first look in the mirror. I’m talking about looking directly into your eyes in the mirror and say to your self, out loud, not think it, “YOU are the reason why you are in debt.” And … “You can get out of debt, and stay out of debt, and build a savings beyond your wildest dreams if you are first willing to learn the truth about why you struggle from paycheck to paycheck.”

You must firmly believe this and accept it. It’s the truth. You are the reason you struggle from paycheck to paycheck no matter how much you want to blame your financial issues on other things and people.

If you are not ready to accept that you are the only reason you struggle from paycheck to paycheck, the second step of the important process won’t matter.

Most people don’t think the problem is about them. They don’t want to accept that they are the problem. People have egos that like to blame everything on outside issues. Their egos keep them from seeing the truth. The more sensitive, the stronger the ego … and the less they want to look in the mirror at the real issue.

You might be going through life thinking there is nothing wrong with you or the way you handle money, but you just can’t get out of debt.

Like most people, you probably blame everyone else, and all of the outside sources for your not being able to stack up a savings account. It’s a natural response. Everyone does it. You’re human.

Step Two

The second most difficult thing to do is then take action once you have completely accepted the truth that you are the issue. But, take action on a continuous basis and not just for a few weeks.

But then, even if you can look in the mirror and admit that you are the issue, taking action won’t take place until you are mad enough to take action. Most people never get mad enough and stay mad enough for the length of time it takes.

You must be willing to stay mad enough for a long enough time in order for the changes that you will make to become a habit.

Once you can get to that point of changes becoming a habit, you will then finally have seen that it is possible to stack up a savings account and get out of debt. Then you won’t ever want to go back to your old ways. But, that takes about six months to two years depending on how deep your debt hole is. Can you stay mad enough for that long of a time to make changes?

You are probably starting to see why more than 60 percent of the working American population struggles from paycheck to paycheck. Getting out of debt is not easy because of those two steps.

A Little Secret To Look Forward To

Let me tell you a little secret … once you make it to the other side, staying on the other side is much easier and less stressful than being in debt. It’s much easier, but you will not find that out until you can go through those two steps and actually make it to the other side. I can only tell you from my own experience that it’s so much easier to live a better life without the debt once you develop the habits it takes to stay out of debt. If you could just experience what I mean, you would understand why I am so motivated at getting this information to you.

My wife and I have been talking about this subject for a few days now, and we both understand it, because we have both been through the process of what it takes to get ahead, in every aspect of life. We both know that it’s not an easy process.

You could learn money saving tip after tip and still struggle for the rest of your life.

You could clip all the coupons in the world for the rest of your life and still never get ahead financially.

Of course you do need to clip coupons, but that’s not what will get you out of debt and keep you out of debt. It’s only a small part of the process. It’s actually the easiest part of the process.

If people only really knew the truth about saving money, oh would life change for them.

The Perfect Solution

3652sx.com is the perfect solution for you to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

I created this blog to help people learn how to get out of debt and I plan on offering you the solution every chance I can squeeze it in, because it’s what God wants me to do.

This image was taken by my wife when we were hiking in Sedona, Arizona recently.

dave drew in sedona arizona hiking

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