Scam Alert!

This is a scam! Be aware! Warn your friends and family about these types of scams.

Below is the email I received if you want to read it.

Dear Prospective Partner,

This Business Proposal is strictly meant for your consideration and has not been sent to anybody other you alone. Please treat privately and urgently.

I am the Country Operation Manager of an International Security and Investment Corporation here in the Republic of Ghana and would like to seek your partnership and expertise to develop an everlasting business venture that will better our lives.Nevertheless; I have an unclaimed “Cash Funds” totaling USD8.5 million that was concealed in a 2 Trunk Boxes and tagged Family Valuables and Treasure. This “Cash Funds” was deposited in our Security and Investment Corporation 8 years ago without claim and would like to collaborate with you to claim the “Cash Funds” using your details as the Next of Kin. There is no legal implication associated to this transaction.

Our sharing ratio in this very transaction is 50/50 and should you agree to my Proposal; please send me your direct telephone numbers for further details of this offer in full details.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

Yours Truly,

John Bannerman.

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