Scam Alert!

This is a scam you should be aware of and warn your friends and family members. Don’t think or assume they will know about these types of scams.

Hundreds of people fall for these types of scams every year and they are costly to the tune of millions of dollars lost from elderly family members who will never admit they were ripped off because of embarrassment.

Do not click on any links in emails like these or reply to them. Delete these types of emails instantly.

Below is a copy of the email note I received if you want to read it.

My name is Lillian Gilbert, I am going for a cancer surgery today and i have left you the sum of 13.860 Million pounds for charity work. Kindly Contact my Attorney quoting my Ref No. CLY/100/QYY/8390/6603/UK for further info. Barrister Allen Morgan. Sincerely, Mrs. Lillian Gilbert

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