300 wide 3652sx shortAnother old lady was ripped off by some sick person and it’s a shame. It could have been avoided.

This kind of thing fires me up when I hear about it.

This old lady scam happens all the time and you can help your elders avoid this slick scam.

If you simply take action and inform your elders about this and other scams that victimize older, more trusting people, you can help them avoid losing a lot of money.

All you need to do is reach out to your elders and let them know what to avoid.

It first takes learning about these scams, so this is one I will let you know about now …

Sick people, who prey on older people, will wait in parking lots of major stores and approach an old lady and tell them their car needs repairs and that they can fix the car for a price right now.

The scam artists are usually convincing, and the old people will write a check or give cash on the spot. When the scam artist gets the check or money, the scam is over and the old lady is out all of that money.

The lady on the news last night lost $3,000.

I know you would be fired up if it happened to your mom or relative, so do everything you can to sit down with them and warn them about this car repair scam and any other scam you can educate yourself on that victimize older people.

Do your part and help your elders. God will bless you for reaching out.

You can also help right now by clicking on one of the social icons on the left to post this link on your Facebook wall or other social bookmark.

My hope is for you to take on a proactive role, get educated and reach out to help older people who really need your help.

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