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This is another scam! Warn your friends and family.

Below is a copy of the scam if you want to read it.


Office: +234-803-842-0476

Dear Fund Owner,

According to the instruction passed to this Western Union Department from the office Governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria, A total sum of US$7,500,000.00 (Seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only) has been instructed to be paid to you,

According to the explanations made, the Central Bank and Government Of Nigeria, have decided to take over the issue of your transfer to save you from all wire transfer problems you were facing previously and see that you received your fund without hitch.

This is to help us check-mate all the Fraudulent activities going on here in West Africa at large. You shall be paid bit by bit until your total sum is completely received right from the Counter of any Western Union closest to you.

We have been asked to release to you a total of US$5000.00 in every Three Hours (3 hours) until the funds is completely paid out, as that is the maximum limit we are legally allowed to pay in a particular transaction.

After the failure in the transfer of your fund through other means which may have been made impossible by the European, American or British high commission and other bodies, I was ordered from the office of the President and the Central Bank Of Nigeria to make your payment swiftly via this medium, you will be receiving US$5000 in every Three Hours once your fund is released to you.

Provide your full receivers names for the payment and an activation fee of US$250 Us Dollars only to get your payment activated so that we will start sending your daily payment as agreed.

Your fund have been successfully programmed in our data base and the MTCN is available for pick up by receiver,But you can not be able to pick up the money at this moment until you activate the payment to your own name as the receiver to the fund and once the activation fee is sent it will be possibly done immediately to enable you pick up your payment of $5,000 Us Dollars bit by bit in every Three Hours until you have completely received your approved $7.5 Million Us Dollars in your name in any Western Union Center there in your country.

Below is the information of today track it is in our website ( ) to see that it is available to pick up by the receiver, but if we didn’t here from you soon we’ll pick it up from line for security reason to avoid hackers stealing the money online.

MTCN: 6438748915
Sender`s First Name: SHAWN
Sender’s Last Name: PETERSON
Text Question ; WHAT COLOR?
Answer ; WHITE
Amount: $5000USD

The required fee of US$250.00 should be sent through Western Union or money gram. Upon the receipt of the US$250.00, your payment will be activated to enable you receive your first payment of US$5000 immediately.

Below here is the name and address of where to send the needed fee US$250 Us Dollars:

Receiver’s Name: Ashimedua Collins
Location: Nigeria
Text Question: How Are You?
Answer: Fine
Amount To Send: $250 Us Dollars Only

Note: You can not be able to start picking up the money until your Name is activated to the system and as soon as you comply with the payment required your fund will be activated and released to you but you must remember to fill your full personal details like your Receiver’s Name, Telephone Number,your address, Your Country/State, Your Occupation and a Copy of your Driver’s License or International Passport for Identification.

Immediately we receive the payment, we shall activate your payment and release your fund to you the rightful owner.

Call immediately on this direct phone +234-803-842-0476 for more Details and directives.

We Congratulate you in Advance.
Mr Frank Ashley

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