300 wide 3652sx shortWe have two kitties and I built them one of those cat play centers so they can climb around and have fun.

I went to the carpet store and I bought some cheap carpet remnants they had left over from an installation job.

I already had a bunch of wood I found in the alley and on job sites. The only other things that I bought were the rope for the scratching posts and glue to hold the carpet and rope in place.

It took me a day on the weekend but I figure I was able to save a load of money and I built a large cat play center that beats anything you can buy in the stores.

cat play centerTotal cost for materials was about $25 and if you were to buy a cat play center like the one I built, it would probably cost about $250. I based the price on other much smaller cat play centers I’ve seen in stores.

The only major cost was my time, but I had fun creating my own idea of a cat-climbing center at the same time.

That’s the nice thing about building and fixing things yourself is that you get the satisfaction of completing it yourself.

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