300 wide 3652sx shortIf you are into saving money on air fare, this will be a good success story for you.

Saving Money Planning Ahead

If you have a job that allows you to plan a vacation and take off any day of the week, where it will not effect your work schedule, why not save money and plan your flight on the days where you can save the most?

I needed to fly into Green Bay, Wisconsin, the closest airport to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where we are laying out some building plans for a cabin on an investment property. I invested a few hours on the computer and literally entered every conceivable date of departure and arrival to see what the best airfares were on all the major Internet airfare sites. Just by spending the extra time plugging in dates, I was able to come up with a $20 savings.

Saving Money With Time

It didn’t matter to me if I had to go to a couple different cities to get the cheapest fare. Flying a few more hours is no big deal to me as long as I can save some money. I also didn’t care what time of day I had to take of or land. Even though I had to spend a few more hours in the air for the savings, I met it with open arms.

saving money on air fareIt’s amazing, the difference in air fare pricing depending on your departure and arrival dates. It pays to shop around on all of the sites because some sites offer better savings than others.

I will work for an extra three hours at home on saving money, even if it’s only to save another $20, because saving money is not only a challenge, I get to save money and help you out by sharing my savings success story. I also get to see just how much I can save when I apply the principles of doing my homework.

Part Time Job Saving Money

The way I figure it, if I am working by the hour on my regular job and that is all the income I have coming in, then I will spend the extra time at home working hard at saving money and keeping as much of that hard earned money in my pocket as possible. While many people are out getting part time jobs just to make ends meet, I consider saving money my part time job. I earn more money working part-time at saving money than almost any job you can find.

I have found that practicing basic saving money principles and techniques in most of my affairs has paid off, because we literally don’t have money problems and we have, what many professionals consider, a healthy financial picture.

You can have the same problem-free financial lifestyle if you are willing to work at it. It’s a matter of making the right choices and moving ahead with those choices.

Saving money on air fare is only one small way to put yourself ahead of everyone else.

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