300 wide 3652sx shortThis quick money saving story will help you with saving money when it comes to your auto air conditioning.

Supply and demand really matters on price sometimes. This saving success story is a good example of that.

Shop Early For Saving Money

I bought a new A/C compressor for my truck in the winter and saved $425.00. No kidding! I started shopping the previous late summer almost early fall when the temperatures and prices were still a little on the hot side and found the price on the A/C compressor I needed was $775.00.

I couldn’t believe auto parts stores could raise the price so high on a simple A/C compressor during the demanding part of the season, but it is true. They have you in a pinch if you need one during the hot time of the year.

Saving Money By Doing Your Homework

It’s a good thing I did my homework and asked a lot of questions before fixing my truck A/C. During the process of asking questions, my mechanic friend told me if I wait, I could get a compressor much cheaper in the winter. He told me of a good place to buy compressors that offered great prices. He was right. I bought the compressor in the late winter, but I first called 6 or 7 other places just to make sure I was getting a good price.

saving money on auto air conditioningIt always pays to do your homework and don’t ever take only one persons advice. The majority vote always rules. I got the new compressor for $350.00. Not only did my mechanic friend tell me about the difference in savings from season to season, the auto parts salesman told me the same thing.

Saving Money Takes Sweat

My A/C went out towards the end of the hot season so I had to suffer for a short time, but I figured I could sweat it for a couple of weeks for that much savings.

Saving money is simply about doing your homework and being patient. Saving money is critical in this day and age with gas prices and everything going up while income levels stagnate. Saving money will keep your from taking hard financial hits.

Keep saving money and working hard at making saving money a part-time job and you will never struggle.

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