300 wide 3652sx shortI know this savings success story is not the greatest topic, but I just had to share it with you because of the amount of savings involved.

We’re now saving over $5 per month on bath tissue, which will add up to over $1,800 in cash in 30 years and that money could be worth $8,000 or more if invested properly. Imagine that much savings and only on one item of many you need to buy every month.

I was working on a job where the homeowner had single-ply tissue and I noticed that it took a long time to go through one roll. It seemed like every other day we were putting a new two-ply roll on at our house so I decided to do some research.

toilet paper stackI checked out the prices of the single-ply compared to the two-ply rolls. The price per single-ply roll was about the same as the standard two-ply and sometimes cheaper depending on whether it’s on sale. We bought some single-ply and used it for a while. We noticed that each single-ply roll would last about three times longer than the two-ply rolls.

After calculating our monthly savings, I punched in that monthly amount on the Old Faithful calculator to see how much per year it would save us over the long haul if we invested the money … and WOW is all I need to say.

If you are not applying this savings tip to your arsenal, you are losing a lot of money every year. If you use 2-ply now and you want to know how much you can save on this one tip, just figure out how much you spend on bath tissue per year and subtract two-thirds from that amount. Then punch that figure into an annuity calculator and see just how much you could be throwing away in 30 years.

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