This is an email scam and should be deleted instantly if you receive it.

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Subject Line Of Scam Email

Suspicious Business Card Activity Visa Payment Services mistrustfulsl14(at)emalsrv.adp(dot)com

Text Body Of Scam Email

We have detected unusual activity in your business Visa account.
Please click here to view fraudulent activity
Your Case ID is: O57754120438591471
Look for unexpected charges or questionable activity, and if you see anything suspicious,don’t wait to act.
This added security is to prevent any additional fraudulent charges from taking place on your account.

Notice: This Visa communication is furnished to you solely in your capacity as a customer of Visa Inc. (or its authorized agent) or a participant in the Visa payments system. By accepting this Visa communication, you acknowledge that the information contained herein (the “Information”) is confidential and subject to the confidentiality restrictions contained in Visa’s operating regulations, which limit your use of the Information. You agree to keep the Information confidential and not to use the Information for any purpose other than in your capacity as a customer of Visa Inc. or a participant in the Visa payments system. The Information may only be disseminated within your organization on a need-to-know basis to enable your participation in the Visa payments system.

Please be advised that the Information may constitute material nonpublic information under U.S. federal securities laws and that purchasing or selling securities of Visa Inc. while being aware of material nonpublic information would constitute a violation of applicable U.S. federal securities laws. This information may change from time to time. Please contact your Visa representative to verify current information. Visa is not responsible for errors in this publication. The Visa Non-Disclosure Agreement can be obtained from your Visa Account Manager or the nearest Visa Office.

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