Email Scam Alert!

This is a scam! Be aware! Do not fall for this email scam. Warn your friends and family about these types of scams.

This scam will come with one image file attached that requires you to open the image file.

Do not open any images from anyone at any time unless someone you know calls you and tells you they are sending an image file to you.

I never open anything ever unless someone tells me they are sending the file they created on their computer.

Never even open forwarded files from people you know, unless you want an infected computer and a lot of lost money and time having to get the issue fixed that will more than likely happen.

If you receive an email like this below, it will only have the two words “Read Carefully” in the email and there will be a file attached. Just delete the email instantly.

Below is an image screen shot of the email I received.

united states federal reserve bank email scam

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