This Is An Email Scam! Don’t Be Alarmed!

Do not be alarmed by this email scam. Delete this email instantly if you receive it and don’t worry at all.

This is only an email scam and is designed to take advantage of your account information.

Do not click on any links in this email scam or reply to it. You must simply delete this email quickly.

Below is the title, subject line and body of this email scam if you want to compare.

You should never be alarmed by these types of email scams if you ever receive them.

Email Scam Subject Line

Your password on Pinterest Successfully changed! Pinterest [lesseeu87@pinterestdotcom]

Email Scam Body

Yor password was reset. Request New Password.
Red button “Receive Password”
Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.
This email was sent to Youremailaddressishere@youremaildotcom.
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