The way you recycle not only hurts the environment and wastes your time, it’s wasting someone else’s time too. Plus, it’s costing your city more money which increases your monthly bill.

Add Time To Your Days And Money In Your Pocket

Most people are struggling to find time to accomplish all of their daily tasks, and they stress out when they fall short, but they simply are not aware of where they lose time.

Most people are also stressing out about not having enough money to enjoy life as much as they would like. This post is about to change all of that for you, starting with one small, but beneficial awareness of the many you will soon learn.

Saving money, time and helping the environment is all about awareness and the ability to look at simple things in a different way, that help wake you up so to speak enough to want to do something to make necessary changes in order to save more time, money and help the environment.

Here’s the scoop … you will develop one simple time saving awareness here that will also help the environment and much more, but to make a huge difference after you learn this one small, beneficial tip, Tweet this link … email the link to all of your friends … post the link on your Facebook wall … post it on Reddit … and post it anywhere else you can.

When you drive more in the city on city streets than on the highway, what happens? Of course your gas mileage decreases and you spend more money in gas. Why? Because you already know that stopping and going burns up more gas. Stopping and going also slows you down and costs you more time. Plus, the environment suffers more from more stopped cars running idle.

You jump on the freeway at every opportunity, because you know the benefits of better gas mileage and getting to your destination fast. Who doesn’t know this, right? I mean, you know darn well you would not drive city streets with stop lights every mile for 80 miles when you have a freeway.

Okay, here it comes … and even if you think this doesn’t affect you or apply to you, it actually does in a big way.

I even created a video further down to show proof of how this happens.

If you live in a neighborhood where you have one of those recycle trucks that come by once a week to pick up your recyclables from one of those large recycle bins where the truck needs to stop and use its machine to lift that large container up over the top of the truck and dump it, just think, every time that truck stops for 15 seconds, it is wasting gas and time and polluting the air more for those 15 seconds, and the odds are pretty good that you also wasted your time putting the recycle bin out on the street that day when you didn’t need to waste that time.

I know, I know, you’re probably starting to feel slightly defensive right about now because you don’t feel like you waste your time and that you are doing good for the environment, but hold on for a minute …

So, why does this waste your time and cost you money and hurt the environment?

If you take your recycle bin out to the road before it is completely full, and without making sure you have broken down all boxes and items that take up space, you are not only wasting your time taking it out each time, and wasting your time taking it back in each time, you are also wasting the truck drivers time and causing more pollution when that truck stops for 15 seconds to pick up your partially filled recycle bin every single week.

If you took your recycle bin out once per month instead of each week, you could save all of that time that it takes for three weeks running back and forth, and you would help the environment by keeping that truck driver from stopping three additional times each month to pick up only a few items in your recycle bin.

McDonald’s didn’t start slicing their pickles thinner for the fun of it. Every little bit matters, and when you look at the big picture, every little bit matters even more.

Now, just think about how many of those recycle trucks are stopping and going all across the United States every single day, and how much time and gas they waste by stopping for 15 seconds each time when everyone just wasted their time taking out that recycle bin!

The bad news doesn’t stop there either!

The city truck expense also increases, because they waste more gas stopping and going, and then the city will need to increase your monthly bill to cover their added gas expense, and you will end up upset when you see the increased amount on your monthly bill. Just think … this is happening all across the world where these recycle containers are used.

Taking out the recycle bin when it’s only partially full is defeating the purpose of helping the environment, because the amount of pollution the recycle truck will put into the air when stopping for 15 seconds to pick up a half empty recycle bin cancels out the do good process of recycling.

Even if you are perfect, your next door neighbor is probably not according to this video below, which is why you can help make a difference by offering this link to your family and friends, and your neighbors.

If one small awareness will help you save four to five minutes each month, what if you could develop many small awareness’s that helped you save a lot of time each month? And, what if all of those small awareness’s could even help you save a lot more money each month? Now we’re talking, right?

If one small awareness you are about to learn can save you four to five minutes, just imagine having a hundred small awareness’s.

Developing an awareness of areas where you lose time can make all the difference in not only how much you accomplish, but also how much more money you can make and save.

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